Wi-Fi Alliance® delivers Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ home designs

New certification brings professionally designed, preinstalled Wi-Fi® networks to new homes

Austin, TX, June 14, 2017 – Wi-Fi Alliance® is introducing a certification program that brings professionally designed, builder-installed Wi-Fi® networks to new homes, delivering a great user experience throughout the whole home. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design™ brings enterprise design practices for planning and installing Wi-Fi networks to the new home construction industry, resulting in consistent, whole-home coverage and an exceptional Wi-Fi experience from the day the home owner moves in. In the same way that new homes are constructed with well-planned lighting and electrical schemes, home buyers will now benefit from integrated Wi-Fi networks that set a new standard in home network design and installation.

Wi-Fi Home Design provides home builders with an industry-approved network installation plan based on exacting Wi-Fi deployment guidelines. The guidelines define criteria for access point (APs) placement to eliminate dead spots and deliver strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire home and outdoor spaces, including garages and patios. Wi-Fi Home Design enables reliable connections in home environments with many client devices and provides great integration with connected smart home products including Wi-Fi voice-activated wireless speakers, security cameras, door locks, light bulbs, thermostats, and appliances. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ APs are required, ensuring high-performance, security, and interoperability.

“We are committed to a great user experience for our Wi-Fi fans in all areas of their lives, and we now bring our expertise in developing certification programs to residential home Wi-Fi network design,” said Edgar Figueroa, president and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance. “Homes that are certified for Wi-Fi Home Design provide whole-home Wi-Fi coverage with professionally designed networks that are ready for demanding applications.”

Companies spanning Wi-Fi infrastructure, mobile device, consumer electronics, smart home, and home building industries worked in Wi-Fi Alliance to define criteria for Wi-Fi Home Design. The requirements consider the increasing number of smart home devices expected in homes over the next decade, and the growing demand for data-intensive usages such as virtual reality and simultaneous 4K video streams. Wi-Fi Home Design will scale to accommodate both the growth in Wi-Fi devices and high-bandwidth applications.

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